Diani & Galu Beach

Diani Beach is an idyllic stretch of beach that lies along the Indian Ocean on the coast of Kenya in eastern Africa. Many believe that Diani and adjacent Galu are the finest beaches in Africa.  The beach stretches for about 10 kilometres long, from the Kongo river to the north and Galu beach to the south (the southern point of reference is an old Baobab tree). It is adjacent to the town of Ukunda, the population of which nears 100,000 inhabitants. For those jetting in on private planes or from Wilson Airport, a small airstrip is located between the beach area and the Mombasa-Lunga Lunga road just a few kilometres from Mzima House. The water remains shallow near shore, with some underwater sandbars near the surface which allow wading and shallow-water snorkelling with a clear view of the sandy bottom. Inland from the beach, there is extensive vegetation including numerous palm trees which cover the coastal areas naturally.

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky

Just a stone throw away from Mzima House is the sacred Kaya Forest, which the local Digo people continue to revere. According to the UNESCO World Heritage site, these forests consist of 11 separate forest sites spread over some 200 km along the coast containing the remains of numerous fortified villages, known as kayas, of the Mijikenda people. The kayas, created as of the 16th century but abandoned by the 1940s, are now regarded as the sacred abodes of ancestors and are maintained by councils of elders. Mzima House staff would be delighted to arrange a visit for guests and also facilitate in the planting of a tree in the sacred forest to commemorate your visit there for all time.

The general area is known for its coral reefs, black-and-white colobus monkeys, and the closely located Shimba Hills National Reserve, a wildlife reserve that looks out over the Indian Ocean.  In addition, Diani Beach has numerous high-class restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and several shopping centers, all close by. Mzima House being on the beach front, our guests have easy access to a variety of activities.

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